Women Top Games

Women Top Games

While it is believed that women play more of online casino slots than any other casino games, which has been proved by polling stats, there are different views as to what women really like to play. Recently women have also been playing online roulette at online casinos. These changes have been brought about after they have learnt the nuances of other casino games and now trying their hands at something different.

Women are also seen playing table games more often though traditionally have been more popular with the men. Roulette has so much of a similarity to Bingo with the only difference being the card in a game of bingo, while the outcome is still determined by randomly drawn numbers, and women are lured to playing this exciting game and engaging game.

It is a proven fact that women play roulette and other online casino games for true entertainment and to make some good money. Women gamblers are good managers and exercise a lot of patience while playing, so they normally turn out to be players that spend a longer time at an online casino. This has been analyzed on the gaming portal onlinecasinoclub.com.

In days gone by slot machines (single arm bandit) were played extensively by women who waited for their husbands in bars, restaurants etc., and the popularity of the slot game had originated in those bygone eras. The theme based ones are now catching up with both the gents and the ladies and are played extensively across casinos.

Recently a mother of four had won the ‘Egg Roulette’ championship in Petersburg in the US, a very innovative and creative change to the traditional roulette with chips. The game was played using boiled eggs. The skill of playing casino games really does not end with just one or two of them, but women are actually having a go at all variations that are made available. Interestingly more women gamble online and now with the freedom of playing from the comfort of their homes in pajamas and sweats, or between the household chores and taking care of husband and children, the options are so many such that more and more women gamble online nowadays.

With the variety of slots and other casinos games that are made available to online players, the number of women gamblers are likely to be on the rise while they enjoy a favorite game of their choice be it at a land based casino or online.

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